International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials

Corresponding Author

Tao Zhang*

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Behang University, Beijing 100083, China


Cu-based alloy; bulk metallic glass; glass-forming ability; glass transition temperature; Erbium


The formation and thermal stabilities of Cu46.25Zr46.25- xAl7.5Er x ( x=0 to 8) bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) were investigated. The addition of a small amount of Er (2at%) for replacing Zr effectively improves the glass-forming ability of Cu46.25Zr46.25Al7.5 alloy, and the glassy rod with a diameter of at least 12 mm can be formed. The glass transition temperature ( Tg), temperature interval of supercooled liquid region △ Tx (= Tx- Tg), and reduced glass transition temperature Trg (= Tg/ Tl) of Cu46.25Zr44.25Al7.5Er2 glassy alloy are 699 K, 62 K and 0.607, respectively.